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Shea Terra Organics Review

Shea Terra Organics

Description 99.7% Natural. Super food
for your hair. This nutritious masque softens
hair, encourages growth and helps
to repair damage.
The Story:
Hair fried? You know Shea Terra Organics. We've got you covered in more ways than you want to ever imagine possible. Now dip into a luscious jar of mongongos and bananas and feed
your hair back to life. At this point, you are probably scratching your hair fry
and wondering what the heck mongongo is. So okay, we'll let you in on a little
secret. Mongongo is a highly nutritious nut that grows in marginal regions
across southern Africa. The nut is traditionally eaten by the San and iKung
tribes, giving them strength and vitality in very harsh living conditions. The
oil-rich nuts are high in fat, protein, calcium and vitamin E, making the oil an
ideal food source for the hair.
By this point, we are sure
you are going bananas over mongongos, but we are not quite finished with our
food masque supreme. Nay, we go out on a limb to add a generous amount of mashed
banana puree to our mongongo and shea butter blend. Bananas weren't just created
for monkeys, gorillas and apes (no, they aren't all the same). They were created
for hair too, you know, a wild, luxurious mane of hair. One that brings out the
inner beast in you. You know the one. The one that hollers and shouts in the
shower as you massage Mongongo & Banana Deep Conditioning + Pre-Shampoo Hair
Food Masque all over your head. Oooh, ooh, ah But stop that. Let's
stay focused on the important things. Bananas are high in potassium, which
softens and conditions hair. Their high mineral and vitamin content is believed
to help nutritionally depleted hair grow better. Bananas also contain their own
natural oil which conditions and coats the hair with a protective barrier,
strengthening the hair against breakage.
Okay, so what is the
deal with the pre-shampoo thing. Alright, alright. Shea Terra Organics is known
to be a pioneer, a leader, not a follower. And we still are, believe us. But and
you know there has to be one of those, with everyone using the pre-shampoo word
these days we think using the word is our opportunity to break in. Pre-shampoo
is nothing new. It really isn't. Only the term is new. People from traditional
cultures from India to Asia to Africa have always, uh um, pre-pooed their hair.
In fact, Tammie herself has been pre-pooing her hair since she was a teenager,
massaging her hair in virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic oils, often sleeping with
it overnight before shampooing it out in the morning. One time the high school
children nearly ran her out of the school the ayurvedic oil stunk so badly.
Although this ancient way of producing long, luxurious hair really works, Tammie
vowed that none of Shea Terras fans would ever be run off with pitch forks, so
she created the best darned smelling pre-poo the market will ever experience. So
go ahead - dip into a delicious jar of mongongo and bananas and let beautiful,
manageable hair begin.
spring water, certified organic shea butter, mongongo oil, natural emulsifying
wax, banana pulp and extract, naturally based preservative (glucono delta
lactone, sodium benzoate), vegetable coloring
We are not new to pre-shampooing but this is the first product we have used that was made for pre-shampoo. In the past we have used coconut oil or other oils before shampooing the hair. Pre-shampooing helps to protect the hair while shampooing and can add strength to the hair. I was pleasantly surprised to find a product made just for that purpose. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some.
The first thing I noticed about Mogongo & Banana Deep Conditioning and Pre-shampoo hair food masque was the yummy banana scent which my daughter, Jamilah really enjoyed. As directed, I smoothed it through her dampened hair and I combed it through with a large wide tooth comb. Her hair detangled easily. I then shampooed her hair and conditioned it. Normally her hair is quite hard to detangle after shampooing but I noticed after the hair mask her hair was a bit softer and easier to detangle. LOVE IT!
Description 100% Natural. Nature's
Formula for Dry and Damaged Hair. Active African ingredients help repair hair
damaged due to heat, split ends and more.
The story:
Across Africa's driest regions grow plants and trees with remarkable abilities to repair hair
and increase growth. From the softening properties of Africa's upside down tree
to the nourishing properties of the Egyptian carrot seed. Shea Terra Organics'
Hair Repair Herbal Butter combines Africa's most nutritive ingredients to repair
damaged and dry hair. These reparative oils and butters have been used in Africa
to protect and condition hair for thousands of years.
Contains only:
wild harvested shea butter, African baobab oil, mafura butter, yangu oil, wild plum oil, certified organic

No synthetic relaxers or fragrances
Quick results
Environmentally safe argan oil, mongongo oil, Egyptian carrot seed oil
Our Experience:
After detangling Jamilah's hair I rubbed some of the Hair Repair Herbal Butter through my hands, it quickly melted into a smooth oil. I smoothed it through my daughters hair, it quickly disappeared into her hair and scalp, leaving both softer and her hair had a bit of shine. The Herbal Butter is not heavily scented, so it's good for people who can't handle heavy scents. I have found some hair butter that don't disappear into the hair and almost leave a bit of a waxy feel but that's not the case with this hair butter, it smooths into the hair nicely. I like this hair butter and would recommend it to anyone looking for an good natural scented product.
100% Natural. This is "the" soap for adventurers young and old. Anti-septic powers of African wild sage and cinnamon fight germs and odor whether you're in the jungle or just in
an office that functions like one.
The Story:
On an expedition? a) Scratch yourself against an African Wild Sage Bush
to ward off insects and fight infections like a rhino. b) Roll around on a
coppiced cinnamon tree. Ouch! c) Never leave home without a bar of African Wild
Sage & Cinnamon In the Wild Hand & Bath Bar. Better yet, don’t leave
home and just take a shower.

Leleshwa, African wild sage, is a bush growing throughout lower East Africa.
Used by animals and humans alike, this bush has anti-septic, anti-bacterial,
anti-fungal and insect deterrent properties. True Madagascan cinnamon, not
inferior cassia often sold in its place, combats odor with its bacteria fighting
certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% certified
organic shea butter (after water is evaporated), certified organic extra virgin
olive oil, sodium hydroxide (electrocuted salts which turn oil into soap),
organic cinnamon powder, cinnamon bark essential oil, leleshwa essential oil
Our Experience:
MMMM I love the warm smell of cinnamon. This bath bar smells so nice and leaves the skin smelling like fresh cinnamon. My daughter, Jamilah has very sensitive skin with eczema and many products make her itch.....however, the African Wild Sage and Cinnamon bath bar made her skin feel so soft even before putting on her lotion. There was no itchiness or drying feeling just smooth skin with a fresh scent. LOVE IT!
Overall Experience with Shea Terra Organics:
Shea Terra Organics has high quality organic products that are well worth the money. We love the all natural ingredients and the yummy natural scents.
Our products were shipped extremely fast and packaged well. Customer service was very polite and professional.
We give Shea Terra Organics and A and will definitely use their products in the future!!!

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