Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sorry to see you go!

No, I'm not talking about my hubby, Antonio, I am talking about his hair!!! Yes, after years of growing his long hair Antonio has a new job that requires he have a short haircut.

Here's a look at his old look:

 And his New Look:

It was so difficult for Antonio to cut his hair, he had been growing it for so long and really felt it was part of his identity. He was sad to see his hair cut off. He has felt like a completely different person without his hair.

 For me, I enjoyed the closeness we shared while I shampooed, treated, braided and twisted his hair. It was kind of a shock to both of us when we watched the locks fall to the floor.

 It was sad that he had to give up his hair for a job but it was a job he has been trying to get and has good benefits, etc. I guess sometimes you have to make sacrifices but this one was a big deal!

I think it's a real shame that people cannot look how they naturally are in society. A woman with long hair (usually) wouldn't be asked to cut her hair, though I am sure there must be exceptions. I know there have been issues for women with natural hair, locks and twists in the workplace but I really can't understand why! There is even a local club here in Florida that doesn't allow black men with braids, twists or locks, to me that is flat out racism!

What do you think? Have you been forced to cut your hair or change your style due to work standards?

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