Friday, May 16, 2014

The Makeup Brush Break Down

When you turned 13, in addition to your training bra and soda flavored lip gloss, there’s a good chance that your birthday present, from a well-meaning aunt or grandmother, included a set of drugstore makeup brushes. Though the plastic container full of what looks like art supplies may have seemed like a puzzle you’d never solve back then, your grandma was absolutely right. makeup brush sets, like the great ones they offer over at The Salon Outlet, are absolutely the way to apply makeup. If you want to look like your skin has a natural glow and a flawless finish, you’ll just trust her on this one. So here’s a little breakdown of which brush to use for what. The most exotic looking brush in your set is probably the fan brush. With bristles that spread out like a paper fan, it can look a little intimidating. But this brush is one of the easiest to use. Swipe it across your face after applying foundation to brush away any loose powder.
A powder brush is possibly the most important one in your set. It’s going to be the shortest, fattest brush. Use it for applying powder foundation or setting your liquid foundation with a dry finish. An eye blending brush, which has a full set of bristles, not quite as round as the powder brush, with a tapered edge will be great for covering your entire eyelid with eye shadow. An eyebrow brush is usually also included in these sets. It’s got a very small set of bristles and is also tapered. Use this to fill in your eyebrows, as needed. A tiny lip brush has tapered edges on both sides and helps in applying glosses or lipsticks. With one of these, you won’t go outside the lines of your lips.

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